5 Issues That Sellers Of WiFi Ultraboost Device Don’t Want You To Know. It’s Weird

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WiFi Ultraboost is most famous repeater to extend the WLAN Range at your home. It is a a pair of devices that creates its own network using power outlet and then repeats the single of one room where singals are more to another room with weak signals.

This sounds good but the fact is totally different. You must read this article thoroughly to know the fact.

But fact is totally different the Technology and the mechanism has to support the device and you must know that it is not in fact suitable because of various reasons.

WiFi Ultrabooster Issues Revealed

I have explained 7 reasons that you must consider before you buy.

1. Data Throughput on Powerline vs Ethernet

When you boost the signal using devices you might get good signal strength but the data transfer rate is so bad that you can hardly browse the internet.

Now if you are just boosting the single strength by compromising on latency and data throughput in simple words the speed then you can buy it.

2. Electrical Phase and Ultraboost

Your powerline must be on different phases, if one plug of your room is in one phase and another room in another phase then your device will never connect. Which means you will not be able to pair.

Even if you pair on the same extension socket and when you place them in different plugs you will not get connectivity between the paired devices.

3. High EMF in PowerLine

It is well known fact that powerline has high Electro megnetic field which and when you transmit the data you will get many packet loss. Which means even you get good connection and reasonable speed you will keep on getting disconnected.

4. Limited Data Capacity and Users

Explaining the previous point, you will get interruption in your connection again and again due to electric voltage issue as the mechanism of electric current and mechanism of data is different.

It was good for lightweight data just to transfer the on /off command for home automation devices. Even the packet loss issue was not a concern. But you can verify this by running ping command when the connection is in use.

5. Issues with Pairing

There is no clear guidline how the pairing works, if the devices are connected using mac addresses or IP Addresses. Because sometime if The pairing disconnects once then it never connects back.

Therefore I recommend that before buy WiFi Ultraboost Make sure you read this and throughly think about it.

What I recommend is that connect the wired network between two devices and then you will not need any scam of Wifi Ultraboost.

I am not only one person who says it is scam. You can read from gadgets guys even. Read here for details.

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