Ncell Pocket WiFi : Your 5 Most likely Questions about fabulous Gadget.

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Ncell Pocket Wifi is product by Ncell Pvt. Ltd. It is the first mobile operator in Nepal. And serving the country since 2004.

Ncell is providing Quality Service of International Standard with Local Touch.

5 Things you must know about Nell WiFi?

Ncell Pocket Wifi is a handy gadget that is very popular in Nepal and is most demanded considering the need and flexibility. You must know the below important aspects of this device.

ncell pocket wifi

1. What is Ncell Pocket WiFi?

It is a small, handy router used to access the Internet through Ncell Mobile Network. The device can be converted into router which means you can connect your smart phone, laptop, desktop tablet or any other wifi device.

2. Where can we use it?

You are flexible to use it anywhere at your home, in your office, at your school or even at the coffee shop. Which means you are not bound to use at any specific geographical location.

Which means you are flexible to use it anywhere within the Country. But if you take it with you outside you will be charged for roaming.

3. How to Purchase Ncell Pocket WiFi?

You are not bound to purchase the Pocket WiFi router from Ncell you can buy it from anywhere standard price for 4G Pocket Rouer is Rs : 5500.

It is very simple to purchase the device.

Once you buy this device you can then get the line. Simply Visit nearest Ncell Center and ask for the package.

4. What is Price of Ncell Pocket WiFi?

You can get day and night anytime package for 4G Pocket Wifi in Rs. 748.92 including the tax . Then the price will be Rs. 499 per month including tax.This includes one time Sim Charges and the monthly data charges. You just need to insert the SIM Card into the slot and

5. What is data Bundle Included?

Package includes 10GB Day Data from 6 AM to 6 PM and 5GB Data from 6 PM to 6 AM every month. This is the best package so far and we have not observced any package like this.

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