PISO WiFi : Arcade Style Computing to WiFi Vendo 2021

piso wifi

WiFi PISO is one of the most popular WiFi Service in Philippines. It is a Coin-Voucher Operated Wi-Fi Vending Machine where users who wants to use can get internet access.

Get Your Free PISO Wifi Passowrd

PISO WiFi is one of the major revenue model for telecome companies in Philippines. As everyone can’t afford to have internet at home or a monthly package on internet. So pay as you go is economical option for public. So PISO WiFi is better choice.


PISO WiFi originally started with PISONET which was an arcade style internet, a cabin where users use interest by using coin. Which means a “piso” or one peso, and “internet”,”pisong internet” meaning one peso internet (rent).

piso wifi Machine
PISO Vending Machine

So a rental based Computer with internet was available for one piso. PISO WiFi has replaced PISONET. Though still it is being used since 2011.

PISO WiFi started in year 2017 and got popular within no time.

Wifi AdoPiSoft

AdoPiSoft is the leading management software for coin-operated WiFi hotspot machines in the Philippines. Designed to be easy to use even for non-technical individuals with room for advanced settings and configuration. You can browse here for company website. PISO WiFi Portal

Default gateway address for router is where. However user doesn’t need to worry about this. Users just need to follow below process.

PISO Wifi Login

Please follow below steps to login to piso wifi , userid, password and other details

Piso Wifi Login
  • When you want to use Piso Wifi just follow below step.
  • Go to nearest vending machine and search for the WiFi SSID.
  • Connect to AdoPisoWifi Enter ssid key as “adopisowifi” Once connected it will open login step.
  • Insert Coin in machine when asked.
  • Machine will recognize the coin and will authenticate device.

Make your own PISO WiFi Vendo

You can create your own automated Piso WiFi vendor Machine in easy steps. And then you can place that machine in Canteens, Malls, Appartments or Terminals. This has great income potentail as there are many users looking for the service.

Supported Hardware for PiSo WiFi Vendor Machines

There are many devices that are supported like Rasperry PI 3 or 4, or you can try for Orange PI which has low performance as compare to Rasperry PI. If you have very low budget then you can try NeWiFi 3 D-2 which has least performance. Finally If you have good budget than you can have a server were you can install Ubutu and can enjoy the hardware. Alternatively you can build your Vendo Machine using below techniques;

What is Cost of PISO WiFi


  • 1pc 3×4 Tarpulin
  • 5 meters UTP cable for modern connection
  • 1pc Outdoor CPE antenna(up to 300 meters WiFi Range
  • 11 meters UTP cable for CPE antenna
  • 3month’s Waranty
  • Lifetime Support.

Features of PISO WiFi Vendor Machine

  • 200 device can connect
  • CPE Antenna 200-300
  • signal Range
  • 12 Volts
  • Own Sales inventory Setting on Your Admin System.
  • Time Adjustment
  • Can Block Malicious Site like porn.
  • Plug and Play
  • Can insert 1,5 and 10 peso coins
  • Same band-with for every User.

Piso WiFi Software

ADOPISOFT was formely known as ADO Piso WiFi it a leading management software for PiSo WiFi vendo machine. This software can be used by any software across the globe. It is easy to install and easy to deploy.

If you are are not a technical person. Sill you can do the configuration in few clicks. You can use remote management tool to easily configure the server. Be it a bandwidth control or user management you can easily do it using ADOPISOFT.

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