Mairi Manzil

Why Should You Consider Digital Marketing for Your Small business?

digital marketing

The business sector has evolved a lot in the past few years. Gone are the days when traditional business and marketing trends were valid. Now, with digitization and advancement in technology, businesses need to get familiar with recent business trends to yield fruitful results in the long run. Small-scale businesses are more in need to … Read more

Zenarmor : Next Generation Firewall – NGFW


Open Source firewalls are flexible and there are always tons of features the best thing is community support. But when it comes to modern features available in commercial firewalls we always ignore them because we love open-source firewalls. But what if we want to continue using Open Source Firewalls and Still use the modern features … Read more

PISO WiFi : Arcade Style Computing to WiFi Vendo 2022

piso wifi

WiFi PISO is one of the most popular WiFi services in the Philippines. It is a Coin-Voucher Operated Wi-Fi Vending Machine that users who want to use can get internet access. Get Your Free PISO Wifi Password PISO WiFi is one of the major revenue models for telecom companies in the Philippines. As everyone can’t … Read more

Proxmox Solved: You need ifupdown2 to reload network configuration

You need ifupdown2 to reload network configuration

If you are running proxmox and you are changing the network configuration, you might get the error that you need ifupdown2 to reload network configuration, the solution is very simple. Ifupdown2 is an applicaiton that needs to be installed. If you are using Proxmox 7 you can simply type the below command in your ssh; … Read more