192 l.168.1.1 WiFi Admin Login

192 l.168.1.1 is wrong IP address you must click here for the correct login for correct IP Address. This IP Address is an IP Address commonly used by most of the ADSL, routers used today. You might have the router from Linksys and other network brands like Dlink, Cisco, Huwaei, or even an accesspoint, […]

Proxmox Solved: You need ifupdown2 to reload network configuration

You need ifupdown2 to reload network configuration

If you are running proxmox and you are changing the network configuration, you might get the error that you need ifupdown2 to reload network configuration, the solution is very simple. Ifupdown2 is an applicaiton that needs to be installed. If you are using Proxmox 7 you can simply type the below command in your ssh; […]

Wi-Fi 6 (AX) – The Faster and more reliable WiFi

wifi6 ax

WiFi 6 (802.11ax) is all about improved bandwidth/speed, better performance, less congestion which is needed of today’s devices. Internet speed has increased, where internet service providers are providing improved bandwidth. 300mbps to 1gbps internet speed has now reached homes and offices, but WiFi access points are still at 50 to 300mbps at most of the […]


gsb wifi

GSB WiFi is one of the most popular services in Turkey by the Government of Turkey. GSB WiFi is today’s need When Pandemic entered our life it was important to have WiFi or Internet in our homes, that is where GSB came into existence. It helped us to have better internet service. GSB WiFi is […]


Wifispc is an app that is developed by Alien Pro developers and can be used only on android and iOS smartphones What is the purpose of the Wifispc APK? We all use the internet to share a digital resource with anyone these days, which is incredibly convenient, but utilizing the internet to exchange personal information, […]

WiFi AR apk- Application to Visualize WiFi and Cellular


WiFi AR APK helps the users to visualize their existing WiFi/Cellular network in AR-mode. It is really a useful tool it helps you to use various tools within the application to monitor. While monitoring you can capture the photo or video and share it with the concerned. WiFi AR APK Options This is really a […]

CSC WiFi Choupal

CSC Wifi Choupal

CSC WiFi Choupal is an affordable and reliable ICT service in rural areas of India. Where purpose is to connect the India from all the villages and under developed areas. The Broadband Connectivity is Major objective which is being achived by CSC WiFi Choupal. The maintaiannce is conducted by the team of professionals which also […]