The Industrial Revolution consequences, effects and new imperialism. Excitement for 5th

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The industrial revolution evolved since 17th century. Innovative technology has always enabled industries to work in better way than before that is where industrial revolution took place, on every new industrial revolution skill level required for the people changed. Imagine if today’s IT Professional will travel back in time in 17th century. What will be his worth?

The Industrial Revolution

This article is a summarize the Industrial revolution to help the reader to knowledge on this topic. However, if you want to know how the world was transformed due to the Industrial Revolution which includes the conflicts between nations, world wars in past, you can see detailed article here

What is Industrial Revolution?

The Industrial Revolution is the revolution in production methods that takes place due to innovation in methods of production, machines, power development, innovation in technology.

This means anything that will bring a major change people, process and technology will lead to Industrial Revolution.

Before the Industrial Revolution

Prior to Industrial revolution people had hand method of production, but when when there is major innovation then the Industrial Revolution takes place, it helped people to work faster and smarter than harder.

The Industrial Revolution Timeline

It can not be said when and how the Industrial revolution will take place, for instance in 2020 we can see major innovation in technology like 5G Internet, Block Chain, Big Data, AI, ML, Crypto Currency, Genome Sequencing and so on. This might trigger the INdustrial Revolution, but here is how it took place till now;

1st Industrial Revolution

First Industrial Revolution was a major Industrialization that took place during 17th and 18th Century in Great Britain. Resource availability was the major trigger for this industrial revolution that innovated machines and steam engine came into existence w

2nd Industrial Revolution

Second Industrial revolution is also said to be The American Industrial Revolution. This was too a major industrialization between 1820 and 1870, which brought changed in social and economic condition due to innovation in textile industry. Power, steam ships and rail roads were major inventions of this time.

3rd Industrial Revolution

Third Industrial Revolution took place in 20th Century, i.e; in 1979 and innovation that brought major industrial change was the revolution in electronics, transistors, microprocessors, telecommunication and internet.

Automation was major change in industries and businesses, where Programming, Software Development, space research, biotechnology, and other innovation could be noticed.

4th Industrial Revolution or Industry (4.0)

Fourth Industrial revolution started with innovation of Telecommunication which took place due to Internet. Concept of Global Village and Virtual World became possible. Global Trade became possible due to internet.

We have seen how the internet helped businesses to grow like Amazon, Alibaba, Apple, Samsung and many other businesses. Entrepreneurs are able to work from home and offer their services globally just because of small wire that comes to their home (fiber).

Internet of Things, Big data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud, Real Time and Predictive Analytics which has improved Industrial and businesses for faster and better decision making.

Block Chain is still not fully understood. 5G internet, concept of smart cities, alternate energy are still improving.

During The Industrial Revolution

Industrial Revolution brings major change in the societies and there is always resistance, most of the times machines are replacing humans and every technology remains threat not only to individuals but to nations too, that is where the wars and conflicts between the nations take place. But, if speaking positively, if we look back to what humanity was before the industrial revolution and if we see today in 2020 we can see how difficult it will be to live back in 17th Century.

How did the industrial revolution lead to the new imperialism?

The Industrial Revolution helps the economies to develop, but in 2020 there are still many regions in the world where 1st Industrial revolution has not even impacted them you can read more about those countries here.

Many countries desire to become richer than they are so empires and make the country rich that is why they colonize many regions across globe. And in Today 2020 it is still happening. But statement is changed now, it is not about rich countries it is about powerful countries who are rich, advance in technology, powerful military and weapons specially nuclear.

That is why in past European Countries colonize many areas in Africa and Asia.

There is an article that will explain the view point you can read it here

The industrial revolution and its effect and consequences

There are positives and negatives of the industrial revolution. As explained earlier, but we must have keep our eyes open and see what type of changes are taking place.

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