CERN Large hadron collider (LHC): birthplace of www (Word Wide www)

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CERN Large hadron collider (LHC) birthplace of wwww (Word Wide www)

CERN: European Council for Nuclear Research December 1951 was the year of resolution for CERN and after two months CERN was born.

At present, today it is not just about nucleus, and CERN’s but  research is particle physics , and today, centre is mainly referred as  European Laboratory for Particle Physics.

Cern: the birthplace of www

As it is said necessity is mother of invention, today you are reading this post because of Tim Berners-Lee, a scientist who invented World Wide Web www. When he had need to share share information between the sceinties in university around the world.

The project was stored in his computer. Later once domain CERN was registered it boosted the www concept.

CERN and the LHC?

Today, the world’s largest and most powerful particle accelerator is called The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is in CERN.

LHC is also one of the enablers of Big Data

CERN’s Large Hydron Collider (LHC) generates 15 PB a year and to store this data there was need to store, process and analyze the data. Today CERN has one of world’s most comprehensive IT Instracture with real time data analysis that is not just helping physics but computer sciens, IT and medical science and many other field.

Cern in 2019

Research has improved since the improvement in technology, it is expected that Quantum Computing will speed up the process. Seminars and research is being conducted with Google officials to make sure the Quantum Computing benefits the world.

Other than Quantum Computing there are tons of improvements taking place at, in fact recently CERN staff moved a detector in plan, that surprised  many people.

The 5 yearly review will take place in early 2020 in CERN.

There is proof of free energy but no one was concerned but one 13-year-old, Max Laughlin was brave enough to give thought to outside of the box and have theories and ideas that others would say are crazy, as the world of today has been built upon such. Max Laughlin isn’t just any kid though; he is the smartest one in the world. He said The World Believes Our Universe Was Destroyed By CERN

Cern 2020

Now Laughlin has a theory that CERN could have destroyed the universe and we live in a parallel universe that was the closest to it. More details here

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