Cloud Computing Security

[ad_1] One of the greatest game-changing innovations of this decade is cloud computing. The shift away from pure on-premises applications and data storage is already well underway, with consumers, small and midsize businesses, and even large enterprises putting applications and data into the cloud. The ever-present question however, is whether it is safe to do […]

Top 3 Creative Raspberry Pi Projects for 2016

[ad_1] With the recent release of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the popular family of tiny computers is up for another great year. This is largely thanks to its amazing community of dedicated users who are always keen on sharing their latest projects and inventions with a whole world. These projects range from simple educational concepts […]

How Cloud Computing Is Driving Unique Innovations?

[ad_1] There is absolutely no doubt that cloud computing, despite being a comparatively new concept, has become the dominant paradigm in the global IT sector these days. The evolution of cloud computing, in fact, has completely revolutionized the way how business people look at modern technology. Smart business owners, CEOs, and managers nowadays are looking […]

CERN Large hadron collider (LHC): birthplace of www (Word Wide www)

CERN large hadron collider

CERN Large hadron collider (LHC) birthplace of wwww (Word Wide www) CERN: European Council for Nuclear Research December 1951 was the year of resolution for CERN and after two months CERN was born. At present, today it is not just about nucleus, and CERN’s but  research is particle physics , and today, centre is mainly […]