How Cloud Computing Is Driving Unique Innovations?

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There is absolutely no doubt that cloud computing, despite being a comparatively new concept, has become the dominant paradigm in the global IT sector these days. The evolution of cloud computing, in fact, has completely revolutionized the way how business people look at modern technology. Smart business owners, CEOs, and managers nowadays are looking forward to embracing new and innovative trends in the field of IT including big data and analytics and mobile computing, among others, to get their job done quickly and efficiently. But at the same time, most professionals are still dealing with their current information technology investments. This is where the pioneering cloud computing technology turns out to be the best possible solution to reap maximum benefits. It renders an easy, quick and convenient option not only to implement new business process changes but also, helps businesses to find effective solutions to draw attention and engage with customers.

What distinguishes the cloud computing technology is that it delivers a proficient and flexible platform for technology experimentation, rapid development, and distribution of advanced solutions, which used to be a part of IT department a few years ago. There are more than just a few advantages of cloud computing such as higher IT cost savings, improved accessibility and efficiency, reliability, manageability and unlimited storage and backup etc. Not only does working with the data in the cloud saves businesses thousands of dollars but also provides them with much-needed freedom, agility, and convenience and If used properly and to the necessary extent, cloud computing can benefit the companies of all sizes and types.

Below mentioned are the emerging trends in cloud computing that are gradually encouraging and speeding up the process of moving to the cloud:

  • Interconnecting systems of records with futuristic systems of engagement: Business organizations worldwide are amalgamating the systems that support their internal operations like accounting and finance, human resource and warehouse management etc. to advanced systems including email, social networking or collaboration hubs, which eventually help them to get connected with their business partners, associates, employees, and end-consumers. The reason behind this is to make the most productive, creative and effective use of the available information and data collected by the businesses. The cloud, being an easily accessible and highly scalable platform, is constantly propelling such unique trend, which is only going to help business organizations in the coming days.
  • Harnessing the power of the cloud to boost innovation:Cloud computing, since its initial days, has been laying a foundation for a more flexible and efficient model, not only to tap into technology investments made by businesses in the past but also to empower them to swiftly transform their business models and practices. Businesses worldwide are taking both services and data and combining them together to develop cutting-edge applications as well as innovative business processes. By choosing a safe and secure cloud environment, they can rest assured that their sensitive business data will be protected.
  • Streamlining services in a hybrid cloud setup: Business organizations, particularly the large ones, can actually see, manage and control how their services are being used to ensure their privacy and security by automating services in a distinct cloud environment. Most of them are making a significant investment to create applications and technology-based business models or working with collaborative communities. This is indeed a very noble way of thinking from past approaches in cloud computing where businesses assumed that they were losing control over their resources that were located in huge centralized data centers. With modern cloud computing technology, it has become relatively easier and hassle-free for businesses to be resilient and nimble.

Cloud computing is no longer limited only to those who are tech-savvy. Even managers and accountants with little or little technical knowledge these days are harnessing the power of cloud computing technology to grab real opportunities and add more value to the organizations. Simply put, cloud computing has come a long way from being a technology that was earlier seen as a way to reduce operational costs and attain higher efficiency to a powerhouse of innovation that can benefit businesses of all shapes and sizes if used in the right way.


Source by Tina S Smith

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