WiFi AR apk- Application to Visualize WiFi and Cellular

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WiFi AR APK helps the users to visualize their existing WiFi/Cellular network in AR-mode. It is really a useful tool it helps you to use various tools within the application to monitor. While monitoring you can capture the photo or video and share it with the concerned.

WiFi AR APK Options

This is really a great tool with numerous features. Let us see the features one by one. There are the following options that you can use to monitor the performance of your WiFi or Data Network

Signal of WiFi Network

What are the decibel in milliwatts, this application will let you know instantly? This helps you to find the best WiFi access point (AP) location


The bandwidth of your WiFi Network is the most important parameter, MCS Option in the application will let you know the mBits/s which will help you to understand the speed.

Ping value

Network latency is the most important factor when it comes to getting the response from the internet. Even if the speed of the network is good, but ping value will help you to determine. The application helps to find the lowest latency.

The lowest ping value is always better for smooth and uninterrupted streaming or gaming.

Interfering WiFi Networks (SSIDs)

There might be multiple WLAN Networks on at your home or the neighboring homes or offices. This option helps you to find the quality of connection. You can then decide which network to connect to.

If there is interference then you can change the channel of your WiFi using router which will help you to update the WiFi Channel.

Best WiFi Access point dection

Not just interfering networking but you can also see which is the best WiFi to connect to. There might be many WiFi Networks around you.

WiFi AR APK Save Image on Realtime

You can take the snapshot instantly by choosing the save icon

WiFi AR APK Record Video

You can also record the video while you monitor your network by clicking the record video button.

Download WiFi AR APK

WiFi AR applicaiton is available on Android Play Store. You can download WiFi AR it from here.

WiFI AR Applicaiton Screenshots


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