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GSB WiFi is one of the most popular services in Turkey by the Government of Turkey.

GSB WiFi is today’s need

When Pandemic entered our life it was important to have WiFi or Internet in our homes, that is where GSB came into existence. It helped us to have better internet service. GSB WiFi is now growing every day in Turkey. Be it school or office, this WiFi solution is perfect for voice and video.

Devices used in GSB WiFi

There are plenty of devices that you can get with your connection. We have more devices that were never introduced before, this is because the Wi-Fi is not limited only to Internet browsing but to Netflix, Video Conferencing, Chat, Zoom calls, and so on.

GSB WiFi can solve many problems today.

Everyone at home has devices these days be it Tablet, Laptop, Smart Phone, Smart TV or even Smart Home appliances, everything needs the internet Connection that is where GSB WiFi can solve the problem

How to Signup for the service

It is very easy to sign up just click here

If you already have the user credentails you can login to the existing website

gsb wifi login

Using Existing Device

If you already have a router at your home, you really don’t need to have a new router, simply configure with the new GSB WiFi details and log in any time.

Happy Clients

If you are not happy with your existing internet connection you must apply for this new service be GSB. You will not regret it if you apply for it today.


WiFi GSB is a Service introduced by the Government of Turkey. It is one of the best services.

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