Future of IT Jobs

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Future of Information Technology Job market is always a concern of many IT Professionals globally. The pace at which technology is growing no doubt the industry will need many qualified professionals. 

If we look at the IT Industry boom in 90s we could see C and C++ language skills were most demanded Programmers. Then Computer Operators and Network Administrator. Trend changed in between 2000 till 2010, Web Developers, App Developers, Database Experts and Integration experts were highly demanded by industry and Java as programming language remained on top. 


Since 2010 till 2020 programming languages changed and I can clearly see Python is at top but there are languages like Java, Java Script, PHP etc remained under discussion with Data Science, Big Data, AI and Block chain buzz words at top. 

But what is going to happen in 2020 onward. Technology and Industry experts are saying that Computing Technology will still grow and will enable many invention in various industries but Information Technology experts will still be highly demanded. But the major concern is that what kind of Jobs will be available and whether today’s professionals/students will be fit for tomorrow?

I predict 2020 till 2030 highly Data Scientists will be highly demand with various skills including programming language like R and Python specific to data science. Then Block chain and AI Technology will still grow making the highly demanded skills. Therefore, today IT Professional should focus on programming skills like Python, R, Swift, Go, Kotlin, Java Script and Java. Data Science which was buzz word between 2007 till 2014 is now getting very popular and still many experts are needed for big data.

In conclusion, If you are building your career in Computing, Information and Communication Technology, make sure you know, your career path. Here is the list of designation in various fields within main, that can help you to remain on right track in your technical career path. I am sure the following designations will remain in market till 2030;

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