3 Easy Methods to Convert Images to PDF on Windows

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The most commonly used image formats are JPEG/JPG and PNG. When it comes to digital photography the JPG format is considered as the standard. On the other hand, PNG is popular among graphic designers because of its lossless compression and transparency support. 

However, these image formats have gained a lot of popularity over time. These formats are also used in businesses as well as in creative applications. If you have ever come to send the images over the internet, then you may have faced difficulty in sharing images one by one or in accessing the images across various platforms. 

Using Built-in Microsoft Print To PDF:

If you are working with Windows, then there is no need to look for an app or software that can perform the conversion. Windows provides you with the built-in “Microsft Print to PDF” option. This built-in function lets you convert images, documents, and scanned documents into printable Portable Document format. To perform the conversion through it, you don’t need to have an active internet connection.


  • Open the JPG or PNG image in the Windows default image viewing app
  • Once the image is opened, click on the “Print” icon or press “Ctrl+P” to open the image in the Print dialog
  • When you see that the image is opened in the print dialog, do the settings if required such as page size, and orientation. Do the settings here and click on the “Print” button, and a new save as dialog box will open
  • Choose the save as type “PDF”
  • Add the name of the PDF file and set a “Destination”
  • Press the “Save” button and that’s it, your converted PDF will be saved on the set destination


Using the image to pdf converter is the quickest way to transform the images into PDF documents, regardless of the operating system. It features a user-friendly interface which makes the conversion process a breeze, even for beginners. The incorporated OCR technology makes it a perfect choice for professionals who have to deal with images and documents daily. With the help of OCR technology, this jpgtopdf converter seamlessly extracts text images from the images and provides you with an editable form.


  • Access the converter
  • Upload the JPG images
  • When all the images are uploaded, select one option from the following provided options:
    • Merge all uploaded images into one single PDF
    • Proceed with converting each image as a separate PDF file 
  • To extract the text, click on the “OCR” option
  • Press the “Convert” button to process the conversion
  • Once the conversion process is completed, hit the “Download all” button to export the converted PDF files to your system 


If you are dealing with PNG images, then use the PNG to PDF converter to perform the conversion swiftly. There is no need to perform any additional installation or to get registered to change png to pdf. Simply, access the converter from your browser and use it to turn PNG into PDF. This online tool retains the quality of the images while performing the conversion and provides you with the exact image quality that you had before. 


  • Go to the converter
  • Choose or drag-drop the PNG images into the toolbox of the converter
  • Select one option from the following provided options:
    • Convert the PNG images and merge them into one single PDF
    • Transform all images as separate PDF files 
  • Now if you need to extract the text then click on the “OCR” option
  • Hit the “Convert” button 
  • When you see that the conversion process is completed, click on the “Download all” button to download the converted PDF documents


Turning JPG images into PDFs can save storage space. Unlike JPGs, PDFs provide book displays, customizable presentations, and accessibility on various devices and resolutions. If you want to convert JPG files into PDFs, use the three methods that we have listed above. Choose the method that fits your needs and streamline your JPG to PDF conversion process effortlessly.

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