192 l.168.1.1 WiFi Admin Login

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192 l.168.1.1 is wrong IP address you must click here for the correct login for correct IP Address.

This IP Address is an IP Address commonly used by most of the ADSL, routers used today.

You might have the router from Linksys and other network brands like Dlink, Cisco, Huwaei, or even an accesspoint, this IP Address is a common gateway address used.

IP Address is Class C IP Address used for many WiFi Routers today. You can login to the router using a default user account.

Default User Details for 192 I 68.1.1

Default user ID and password commonly will be the following;

UseID : admin, root, administrator, user

Password : admin, password, root, or it might be blank.

You can check the password on the backside of router mostly it will be written there.

What can you do in Admin Panel of Gateway Routers WiFi

You can configure various options in your gatewa router like the following;

  • IP Address of Router
  • MAC Address
  • WiFi Key and SSID
  • WPS and MAC Filtering
  • DNS Options
  • PPOE or Bridge Mode
  • ISP User and Password Details
  • Wizard to Connect to the internet
  • WLAN Advanced Settings
  • User Management
  • Firewall
  • Quality of Service QoS
  • Proxy Setting
  • DMZ Setting
  • Port Forwarding

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