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Open Source firewalls are flexible and there are always tons of features the best thing is community support. But when it comes to modern features available in commercial firewalls we always ignore them because we love open-source firewalls.

But what if we want to continue using Open Source Firewalls and Still use the modern features to protect our network from Zero-Day modern attacks and all the latest threats? 

It is always got to upgrade the Open Source Firewall to a Modern firewall with the help of Zenarmor. From a small network to a large scale network, you can continue enjoying the features of open source firewalls and empower them to the state of art next-generation firewall.

Why should I upgrade my Open Source Firewall?

Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning has changed everything, now firewalls are also intelligent and modern, we love open-source firewalls because they give us flexibility, but why don’t we offer AI to monitor and control threats, that is why we must plug the AI ML to our existing Open Source Firewall and let it do the job for us.

Zenarmor is an Extention to an Open Source firewall that can turn your open source firewall into a Modern Next Generation Firewall, a Combination of Open Source and Commercial offerings makes it the Most Powerful Firewall available today.

Zenarmor has a rich database of misbehaving applications, websites, and threats from commercial and open source systems and from their own security operation center this database is growing rapidly and continuously as it is detecting the real-time threat for immediate protection to all the zenarmor users.. It helps you to visualize thousands of applications on the network in real-time, where you can drill down to the exact spot of anomalies.

If a new domain becomes available globally and one people start accessing it, once any of the users get malware from the website, all other users get protected as the domain immediately gets added to the database.

Zanarmor is an AI-Based Cloud threat intelligence system that is an upgrade to an open-source firewall by which you can stop zero-day malware and phishing attacks in real-time. It also detects and blocks new Botnets instantly. The deep content inspection also prevents evasive threats.

Zenarmor Review

Zenarmor is an initiative of Sunny Valley Networks, which is an extension to upgrade the powerful open-source firewalls and make them modern and better than many commercial Firewalls available today.

Be it advanced and policy-based web-filtering or url filtering, blocking media streaming or youtube,, time schedule for firewall policies, packet engine, deep packet inspection, 

Zenarmor and OSI Layers

Zenarmor’s next-generation firewall can perform functions at Layers 3, 4, and 7. The modern packet engine protects from wide range of attacks by packet inspection, application awareness, detection and prevention of intrusions, threat intelligence, and do on.

Layer7 which is application layer receives most cyber security threats, but Zenamor can help filter packets of data based on the application.

Zanarmor is not only for the Firewall

Zenarmor is not only an extention for your existing Open Source firewall but it also gives you visibility on your server, once you install and authenticate the Zenarmor extension on existing linux server you will be able to see the wonder. Not only this, if you install two network cards in your exiting linux server and put the cards in bridge mode. 

Put router cable in one network card and the cable of your switch in another network card, then you will see that all the traffic on your network is also been protected using existing Ubuntu Server this will empower your existing firewall.

Bet is server visibility and  protecting the network, Zenarmor is easy to configure.

Zen Cloud

You can manage n number of firewalls on ZenConsole where Zenarmor is installed and then you can push the policy to any firewall or all firewalls instantly. 

Who should use Zenarmor

Whether you are a beginner in Network security or an Expert, Zenarmor is for you for any network like home, soho or busines.


The Zenarmor API is structured in a RESTful method which supports standard HTTP response codes, authentication, and verbs, takes form-encoded request bodies, produces JSON-encoded replies, and uses predictable resource-oriented URLs. Be it authentication or monitoring or starting and stoping the services there are various API objects available.

Sensei is Zenarmor

Since September 2021 Sensei was rebranded to Zenarmor, and Today Zenarmor is Delivering enterprise-grade network security at agile speeds. Anywhere and Anytime.”

Advanced network analytics with Zenarmor

Zenarmor has unified the technologies in a single application, it is one of the best packet inspection technology in the world. Reporting is already part of the application and nothing needs to be bought separately. When it comes to the analysis of your traffic monitoring, Zenarmor has advanced network analytics to detect the and preventing anomalies on real-time.

Zenarmor easily upgrades these open-source firewalls to an enterprise-class Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) in seconds. The combination of Zenarmor and these powerful open-source firewalls creates a tremendous synergy and has brought the revolution in UTM Devices.

Zenarmor major upgrade

Once you configure Zenarmor, you don’t need to worry about updates, Zenarmor will take care of it.

Key Feature of Zenarmor

There are various features but some of the key features are listed below;

  • L7 Application Control,
  • Policy-based Web Filtering
  • User and Group based policies
  • Full TLS Inspection capability.
  • Traffic Shapping and QOS Policies
  • AI-based Cloud Threat Intelligence,
  • Cloud-based Management
  • Industry’s best network reporting and analytics and many more…

Why Zenarmor?

Zenarmor has a rapidly growing user base and is already protecting over a million endpoints worldwide, including home users, academic institutions, large enterprises and even government agencies. Free Edition is available to anyone who wishes to enhance their network security.

When you want to bring intelligence to your Next Generation Firewall NGFW, Zenarmor is the best product available in the market today.

Zenarmor for Open Source Firewalls

Opensource NGFW is great and used by many IT professionals across the globe, but adding intelligence to combat modern-day cyber attacks is always a concern, thanks to Zenarmor which can quickly empower existing firewalls with state of the art next generation security capabilities

Zenarmor’s lightweight and powerful, appliance-free technology allows organizations to launch instant firewalls on demand and easily secure environments as small as home networks or scale to multi-cloud deployments.

Packet inspection core is powerful enough to protect against encrypted threats while also being so lightweight and nimble that it can even fit in very resource-constrained environments.

The technology behind Zenarmor is industry’s first packet inspection engine that can do native TLS inspection.

Zenarmor technology enables cyber security tools with utmost visibility, packet classification, and fine-grained policy enforcement for any type of traffic.

​More packet intelligence means better decision-making. Better decision-making means better success rates in detecting & preventing cyber attacks.

Time to Upgrade your Open Source Firewall

It is the best time to upgrade your existing Open Source firewall and say it is a modern next-generation firewall. You can quickly install to empower your existing firewall.

You can quickly install Zanarmor on open source firewall and get the industry’s best reporting of your network. You can visualize the network reports in real time. From the big picture drill down per connection detail and then you can start looking at anomalies visually when they occur. Which will not only help you to be on top of everything that is going on in your network but will also help you to stay up to date with what is going on in your network.

Zenarmor will help you to improve the business productivity with application control, all the misbehaving applications will be controlled regardless of port numbers as these are already identified in the database.

On the other hand, policy-based web filtering is pre-configured to save you time and effort.

Why Upgrade Open Source Firewall?

I am sure you know the reason, by looking at what Zenarmor can do I have listed few features that will for sure help you to understand the reason to upgrade open source firewall with Zenarmor extention

  • Zero-day attack campaigns and real-time protection
  • TLS inspection to prevent against evasive threats
  • Block and control misbehaving applications
  • Policy-based web filtering
  • Active Directory Integration
  • Parental Control
  • Integration with existing tools.

How to Get Started?

You will simply need to follow the below few steps to get started

  • Sign up for the account for Zenconsole Cloud Portal called Zenportal
  • Get started with the free edition (chose the platform that you are currently using)
  • Install the Package on the existing firewall.
  • You are done, now you can start exploring 

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