Post Covid opportunity:Most Effective Ways To Overcome Problem after 2020

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Post COVID opportunity is discussed by many. Though it has created problems for various countries including the United States – which could last from now ’till mid 21 ‘, or may be more it depends on when vaccines and good treatments can be discovered, tested, approved and widely distributed. But some experts say that we need to live with it for life time.

The need of IT has increased and that is really good thing that companies have now realized that IT Experts and professionals are backbone of the economices.

“Working from home” (WFH) is most common terms these day being used by many IT and Non IT Professionals but IT is not new for IT professionals as they have been working from home for a long time.

In most of the countries telecom companies were failed to provide proper internet or telecom service to the users that created various problems for individuals, studenets, teachers, schools, employees, employers, businesses and every one.

Today business is not limited to only one country due to globalization cross border communication needs high speed internet but FTTH and even copper is not available to most of the countries and even we can’t say developed countries are even 100% covered.

Post Covid opportunity for Businesses

WFH and Corporate Telecom is totally different thing. WFH includes various technologies but Telecom enables to work virtually from anywhere not just from home.

Post Covid opportunity
Work From Home My setup

I have been working from home since 2003 when ADSL connection was first provided by Telecom company Etisalat in Dubai.

Most important aspect is about enabling the application access, access to the information systems, access to the digital assets and converting physical information to digital information system so that people can gain access from anywhere when needed.

Of course CIA (Confidentiality, Integrity and Reliability) needs to be addressed before doing all this.

Finally, Businesses needs to develop their strategy to think of post-covid opportunity and use telecom as an enabler to reach their customers digitally and virtually.

Cloud adoption will be huge , today cloud is much cheaper than on premises technology

Post Covid opportunity for Individuals

Employees and individuals need to develop their skills to use this post-covid opportunity.

This is my personal opinion that WFH will last for a decade and will lead transition to Industry 4.0 for even small companies.

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