Giggino WiFi : a report arrives from Milan

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Giggino Wi-fi ‘, a report arrives from Milan: “The hope of finding him is always alive”
The case of the young Neapolitan Luigi Celentano a Who saw it? New hope for the family?

Luigi Celentano had disappeared from Meta di Sorrento about three years ago, recognized by a man through the cameras of a bar in Novara, where the young man was having a coffee. His mother recognized him from that short video shown on the TV show “Who saw him”.

Who is Giggino Wifi

In that video captured by the video surveillance camera of a bar in Novara, the mother of Luigi Celentano, known as “Giggino Wifi”, is convinced that she has recognized her son, who disappeared three years ago. The video was shown by the show “Who saw it?” which follows the case of the boy from Meta di Sorrento who disappeared at the age of 19.

It all started with a report from a Novara viewer. Convinced that he recognized Luigi among the customers of his shop, he said he saw him enter a bar, to which he asked to be able to examine the video surveillance footage.

What did CCTV Footage show about giggino wifi

“Very thin, but it is him”, said convinced Giggino’s mother who has seen and reviewed the video, “If it is not he is a double who moves exactly like him”. Then he launched an appeal to the young man to go home.

According to what was told by the Rai 3 program which has collected some testimonies, Luigi would have left home after receiving threats from bullies. “I’m scared. Someone wants to kill me ”, he would have declared, before breaking the phone card to make him lose track.

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