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ADO PISO Soft is former name for ADOPISOT which is a WiFi Vendor Machine Software Designed for Various hardware devices. You can deploy this machine in Urban areas to make money.

ADOPISOFT Software Features

The key features of AOPISOFT is Below;

Remote Online Management

You can monitor your sales, users and control other aspects of the machine remotely via internet anytime ,anywhere.

Allnet E-load Service

Automated eloading service (coin-operated). Available in Philippines only.

Support All Currencies

The payment portal settings can be configured to accept any currencies.

Supported Languages

English & Spanish

Time and Date Rates

You can define custom time rates or date rates.

  • Time rates are based on running timer.
  • Data rates are based on data consumption.

Multiple Payment Portals

Our system supports multiple wired and wireless coin-acceptors. Multiple customers can insert coin at the same time.

Bandwidth Limiter (per user)

The system has a built-in bandwidth limiter per user. It ensures that each user will get equal bandwidth allocation and internet speed. This prevents users from abusi using your internet connection.


Our system has a built-in anti-lag system optimized for competitive mobile games and applications. It ensures that packet for the said applications will be prioritized in the network traffic

Content Filtering

You can allow or block porn/adult and other malicious sites.


Unlike traditional wi-fi hotspot system that uses vouchers, our system uses credit generated by the time a coin is inserted into the coinslot.

Voucher and Subscription

You can also print vouchers for customers for weekly or monthly internet access so they don’t have to insert coin a lot of coins into the coinslot.

Our subscription rates are useful for providing internet for the customer who preffer to be billed periodically just like how telecommunications company does

Expandable WiFi Signal

The system is compatible to any access point wi-fi extenders. Compatible access points can reach from 50 meters to as fas as 200 meters wi-fi signal range

Multi-LAN + PPoE Support

Our system can be configured with multiple LAN. Each network interface can have separate DHCP, captive portal and bandwidth settings.

Payment History

The system has a built-in accounting system which summarizes your income.


The system is fully configured. You can also customize the appearance of the webportal according to your preference.

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