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The Industrial Revolution consequences, effects and new imperialism. Excitement for 5th

The Industrial Revolution

The industrial revolution evolved since 17th century. Innovative technology has always enabled industries to work in better way than before that is where industrial revolution took place, on every new industrial revolution skill level required for the people changed. Imagine if today’s IT Professional will travel back in time in 17th century. What will be … Read more

ESSP – Employees Self Service portal improves productivity and reduces cost

ESSP - Employees Self Service portall

ESSP – Employees Self Service portal is a must to have system which will help organizations to save many man days, as most of the employees interact with related and required information systems using an employees Portal (Web Application or Mobile Application) What is ESSP employee self-service Portal? Employee self-service Portal, or ESSP, is an … Read more

Future of IT Jobs

Future of Information Technology Job market is always a concern of many IT Professionals globally. The pace at which technology is growing no doubt the industry will need many qualified professionals.  If we look at the IT Industry boom in 90s we could see C and C++ language skills were most demanded Programmers. Then Computer … Read more

Open Source PBX Software 2011 top 10

Open Source PBX Software.

Open source PBX Software has always been best choice for IT Managers who want to have full control over the telephony within organization.  Technology evolves every year, and they way we have been communicating in past has totally changed. PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a telephone switch that is used to establish connections among the … Read more

FREE Network-attached storage (NAS)

FREE Network-attached storage (NAS)

Network-attached storage (NAS) is a hard disk storage system  it includes RAID Configuration which is helpful for fault tolerance and gives maximum protection and security of data, NAS has its own LAN IP address rather than being attached to the department computer that is serving applications to a network’s workstation users. It has it’s own … Read more