Post Covid opportunity:Most Effective Ways To Overcome Problem after 2020

Post-Covid opportunity

Post COVID opportunity is discussed by many. Though it has created problems for various countries including the United States – which could last from now ’till mid 21 ‘, or may be more it depends on when vaccines and good treatments can be discovered, tested, approved and widely distributed. But some experts say that we […]



The famous leaker Yash Raj Chaudhary has managed to put his hands on a Huawei P40 Pro and took the opportunity to share information on the next flagship from the Chinese company. The successor of the P30 Pro should first come with a 5500 mAh graphene battery. According to YR Chaudhary, the graphene battery is […]

What is Ecommerce? Your guide for 2020


What is ecommerce? Essentially, ecommerce (or electronic commerce) is the buying and selling of goods (or services) on the internet. From mobile shopping to online payment encryption and beyond, ecommerce encompasses a wide variety of data, systems, and tools for both online buyers and sellers. Most businesses with an ecommerce presence use an ecommerce store […]

What’s in the latest Firefox update? Firefox 71 plays picture-in-picture catch-up

[ad_1] Mozilla this week released Firefox 71, touting a picture-in-picture video mode and new ways to preview a VPN (virtual private networking) service that will be offered to customers next year. Security engineers included patches for 11 vulnerabilities, six marked “High,” the second-most-serious threat rating. None were tagged “Critical.” Some of these flaws might be […]

Top 3 Creative Raspberry Pi Projects for 2016

[ad_1] With the recent release of the Raspberry Pi Zero, the popular family of tiny computers is up for another great year. This is largely thanks to its amazing community of dedicated users who are always keen on sharing their latest projects and inventions with a whole world. These projects range from simple educational concepts […]

The LiFi Technology: Ecosystem and 5G

LiFi Technology

LiFi Technology LiFi is still under the development stage and still it’s application might be different than we have been expecting that it will replace WiFi. But my strong opinion is that it’s application will really work as catalyst for IoT, smart home including connected cars, street lights, real time communication between cars and various […]

CERN Large hadron collider (LHC): birthplace of www (Word Wide www)

CERN large hadron collider

CERN Large hadron collider (LHC) birthplace of wwww (Word Wide www) CERN: European Council for Nuclear Research December 1951 was the year of resolution for CERN and after two months CERN was born. At present, today it is not just about nucleus, and CERN’s but  research is particle physics , and today, centre is mainly […]